• Image of Love Mercy Prayer Bracelet-Wear One: Give One

Brand new design. Each card now comes with TWO awareness bracelets. One to wear, one to share.

This simple hemp strand with two silver beads and one gold in the middle is a prayer bracelet. The silver beads represent you and the girl you're praying for and the gold in the middle represents God who joins us.

The card reads:

Tie this bracelet on and pray for girls so far away
Share their story from your heart
When the bracelet naturally falls off one day
You will know you've done your part

This awareness bracelet is a reminder to pray for the beautiful girls in Kenya we seek to help and to share their story.


*If you'd like to have a service project with your family, a church or children's group, you can order a kit of 25 for $10 and serve Mercy House by putting the bracelets together and selling them to friends and family or sending them back for us to sell. Kits are available in this store.

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